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Command College

Command College


Developing the leaders of tomorrow

Following years of research and feasibility studies, law enforcement leaders in Georgia decided that an advanced Command-College program was desperately needed. In May of 1994, the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police in partnership with Columbus State University accepted the challenge, making the establishment and implementation of a Command College a high priority.

The Command College held its first class in 1995. Over the last sixteen years, the one-class-per-year schedule has increased to four classes per year - two that begin in the fall and two that begin in the spring. Since the program's inception, over 300 different agencies have participated in fifty-five different classes.

The Command College has expanded to include the Professional Management Program and the Executive College, which was developed by the CSU Justice Administration Outreach. In addition, the Justice Administration Outreach in partnership with the Georgia Department of Corrections and with other law enforcement agencies across the state has created several programs individually designed to meet the organizational needs of each of those agencies.